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MadeInBlacc Factory is established as a brand and ally with the aim of propelling a free Africa, we are dedicated to producing high-quality products that drive economic growth and empower communities. Our innovative approach and commitment to excellence ensure that every product we create contributes to a self-reliant and prosperous Africa.

The Get It Right project is a transformative initiative set in motion by BlaccTheddi and championed by Tomorrow People Ambassador Queen Ifeh. This project aims to create sustainable change for Africa’s youths and children by establishing a strong foundation for children, providing training for teenagers, and generating job opportunities through a youth-led economic system.

Stay informed with BlaccTheddi Post, the official blog of MadeInBlacc. Explore the latest news and insights on technology, social impact, and African development. Read articles that highlight our mission and ongoing projects dedicated to fostering growth and innovation across Africa.

From high-quality agricultural products to innovative tech solutions, our offerings are designed to support and uplift local communities.

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