About us

Welcome to MADEINBLACC Factory, where we are dedicated to achieving a free Africa. Led by BlaccTheddi, our chief impact officer, we embody the spirit of change and progress.

Through BlaccTheddi Post, we amplify the voice of the movement, inspiring others to join us in creating a better future for Africa.

As BlaccTheddi, our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship is unwavering. We offer quality goods and services at affordable prices to support entrepreneurs, reduce the cost of doing business, and drive growth. Recognizing the challenges faced by startups in the African economy, we aim to propel over 200 startups to top-tier status by 2030, opening up new opportunities and driving development across the continent.

Our Services:

Exclusive Procurement: We excel in sourcing a wide range of items, from scarce commodities to individuals with unique skill sets. Our services include both new and used products, ensuring top quality.

Farm Food: We work closely with farmers in Anambra state, primarily in Ayamelum local government, to take orders and deliver fresh farm foodstuffs exclusively to our clients.

Customized Website Design: We specialize in creating profitable websites tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our services include e-commerce, logistics, blogs, company profiles, charity websites, and more.

Advertising Platform: We create advertorials for brands, events, products, and services, helping you reach our audience of over 157 thousand and growing across all platforms. Advertise with us to promote your goods and services effectively.

Our Current Location

Awka – The Ground Zero of Our Movement

AwkaLive is more than just a epaper—it’s the location beacon of our movement, with Awka serving as the ground zero of our operations. Awka, the Fine capital of Anambra State, Nigeria, is where our journey began, and it continues to be a focal point for our activities. Stay tuned as we expand our reach and impact across Africa and beyond from the Little Big City.

Our Policy

In line with our commitment to giving back, we donate 5% of our profits to the Get It Right project. This initiative focuses on providing sustainable solutions for youths and children in Africa, including establishing a solid foundation for children, offering training programs for teenagers, and creating job opportunities through a youth-led economic system.

Join us on our journey towards a free Africa. Learn more about our initiatives and impact here