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Attempted Coup in Congo: Unraveling the Turmoil


Attempted coup in Congo: In a dramatic turn of events, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) witnessed a brazen attempt to overthrow its government on the morning of May 19, 2024. The coup, involving both Congolese and foreign fighters, was ultimately thwarted by the DRC armed forces. This incident, steeped in political complexity and international intrigue, underscores the persistent instability in the region.

In a video made this morning at the Palais de la Nation, we see Christian Malanga (already called “President Malanga” by his son) and his men replacing the flags of the DRC with the flags from Zaire. This symbolic act highlights the coup plotters’ desire to revert to the era of Zaire, further emphasizing the political motivations behind the attempted coup.

A Bold Attempt

The attempted coup was announced by DRC army spokesman Sylvain Ekenge in a televised address.

“An attempted coup d’etat has been put down by the defense and security forces. The attempt involved foreigners and Congolese. These foreigners and Congolese have been put out of action, including their leader,”

Ekenge declared

However, the specifics of whether the coup participants were detained or killed were not disclosed .

Tina Salama, spokeswoman for President Felix Tshisekedi, confirmed that the presidential palace had been attacked but reassured the public that the army had regained control . Earlier reports indicated that two guards and an assailant were killed in an attack on the home of Vital Kamerhe, a prominent member of parliament poised to become speaker. This incident adds another layer of complexity to the political landscape, as Kamerhe’s spokesman and the Japanese ambassador confirmed the details on social media .

The Face Behind the Coup: Christian Malanga

Christian Malanga, a former Congolese military officer and current president of the United Congolese Party (UCP), emerged as the leader of the coup attempt. Born in Kinshasa on February 2, 1983, Malanga had a storied history in Congolese politics. After a disputed parliamentary election in 2011, he formed the UCP and later became an ambassador for the International Religious Freedom Roundtable in 2013. In 2017, he declared a government in exile in Brussels, marking a significant step in his political journey .

On the day of the coup, Malanga appeared in a live-streamed video on Facebook, expressing his frustration with the current administration.

“We, the militants, are tired. We cannot drag on with Tshisekedi and Kamerhe; they have done too many stupid things in this country,”

he stated in Lingala

Tragically, Malanga was killed by the FARDC during the attempted coup, and his son, along with several others including an American man, was arrested .

A Nation in Crisis

This recent upheaval in DRC comes on the heels of President Tshisekedi’s re-election for a second term in December. Despite appointing a new prime minister six weeks ago, he has yet to name a government, creating a power vacuum that may have contributed to the unrest . The delay in naming a government, coupled with the postponement of the parliamentary speaker election originally scheduled for Saturday, has only exacerbated tensions.

The United States embassy in Kinshasa issued a security alert on the day of the coup, warning of “ongoing activity by DRC security elements” and reports of gunfire in the area . This alert underscores the heightened state of insecurity and the potential for further violence.

Moving Forward

The attempted coup in DRC is a stark reminder of the fragility of political stability in the region. It highlights the urgent need for cohesive governance and the strengthening of democratic institutions to prevent future disruptions. For DRC, the path forward must involve addressing the underlying causes of discontent and ensuring that political processes are transparent and inclusive.

video : Christian Malanga and supporters replace DRC flags with Zaire flags in attempted coup.

Christian Malanga and supporters replace DRC flags with Zaire flags in attempted coup.

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