Charly Boy Sounds Alarm Over Peter Obi’s Alleged Arrest Plot


Charly Boy, Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter and activist, has taken to social media to voice concerns about an alleged plot by the Tinubu government to arrest Peter Obi, a notable Nigerian politician. Charly Boy, also known as Area Fada, suggested that this action is a response to Obi’s unwavering stand on governance and accountability.

In a tweet, Charly Boy stated,

“There’s a report of an attempt of arrest on Peter Obi, by Tinubu’s Government over Peter Obi’s consistent refusal to back down on calling Tinubu out towards good governance and accountability.”

He further warned that any attempt to arrest or charge Obi must be met with unprecedented resistance from the people.

Charly Boy’s call to action underscores the growing demand for accountability and transparency in Nigerian politics. The activist urged Tinubu’s government to exercise caution and refrain from actions that could incite unrest in the country.

Peter Obi, a seasoned politician and former Governor of Anambra State, has been vocal about the need for good governance in Nigeria. His stance has earned him both praise and criticism, highlighting the complexities of Nigeria’s political landscape.

As the situation unfolds, Charly Boy’s message serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for what is right and holding leaders accountable for their actions. Nigerians, according to Charly Boy, are prepared to defend the principles of justice and accountability, setting a precedent for positive change in the country.


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