Davido: A Change Maker in Nigeria


In a time of increasing hardship and economic challenges in Nigeria, music artist Davido has extended a lifeline to children in orphanages across the country through his foundation. With the nation grappling with rising prices of essential goods and protests erupting due to widespread suffering, Davido’s commitment to making a difference shines brightly.

On Tuesday, February 20th, Davido announced a donation of 300 million Naira to orphanages across Nigeria. This generous contribution is part of his foundation’s yearly pledge to support the most vulnerable in society. His dedication to uplifting the lives of others is evident in his actions, as he consistently uses his platform for positive impact.

This is not the first time Davido has stepped up to make a difference. In 2023, he donated 237 million Naira to orphanages, showcasing his ongoing commitment to giving back to his community. Through his foundation, Davido has been able to mobilize support from other compassionate individuals, further amplifying the impact of his donations.

The Davido Adeleke Foundation (DAF), established to address the needs of vulnerable communities across Nigeria, has been instrumental in providing essential support to those in need, particularly orphaned children who are often overlooked.

In a statement, Davido expressed his gratitude to everyone who has supported his foundation’s mission. He emphasized the importance of collective action in creating meaningful change, stating, “We rise by lifting others.” His words reflect his deep-rooted commitment to improving the lives of Nigerians, one donation at a time.

As Nigerians navigate these hard and challenging times, Davido’s philanthropic efforts serve as a reminder of the power of compassion and generosity. His actions inspire us to look beyond ourselves and extend a helping hand to those who need it most. Davido truly exemplifies what it means to be a change maker, and his contributions will have a lasting impact on the lives of many in Nigeria.

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