Enugu Bans Open Grazing to Foster Growth


Enugu Bans Open Grazing and implements laws to regulate ranching, protect property, and enhance investment, aiming for social harmony and economic growth.

In a significant stride towards progress and social harmony, Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State has enacted four pivotal bills aimed at halting open grazing and land grabbing. This legislative move is a response to the frequent conflicts between herders and farmers in the state, which have often resulted in violent clashes.

Governor Mbah, emphasizing the state’s ambition to become a premier destination for investment, business, leisure, and living, stated, “In the 21st century, there is no reason we should encourage open grazing of cattle. This law is essentially designed to ensure that people act civilised.” He further clarified that the anti-open grazing law had been “misunderstood and misrepresented” in the past but is now crucial for fostering a harmonious agricultural environment.

The newly signed laws include:

  1. Enugu State Properties Protection Law
  2. Enugu State Public Ranch Management Law
  3. Enugu State Sports Development Fund Law
  4. Enugu State Environmental and Climate Protection Law

These laws collectively aim to regulate ranch operations, protect property rights, promote sports, and safeguard the environment. Notably, the Public Ranch Management Law empowers the state government to establish an agency overseeing both public and private ranches, thus ending open grazing practices that have historically led to friction between farmers and herders.

By ensuring proper facilities like abattoirs and cattle markets, the law promotes a more structured and modern approach to cattle rearing, reflecting the state’s drive towards modernization and investment appeal. Governor Mbah remarked, “We will ensure that there are enough services, such as abattoirs and proper cattle markets, not where people will come and live.”

The property protection law is another critical piece of legislation aimed at enhancing the ease of doing business in Enugu. Governor Mbah declared, “People who come to Enugu State to invest in property must be confident that the title document that is issued to them is worth far more than the paper on which it is written.”

With the implementation of stringent penalties for land grabbing, the new laws signify a firm stance against those who disrupt the state’s development. Governor Mbah’s administration, alongside the Speaker of the Enugu House of Assembly, Uchenna Ugwu, and other officials, witnessed the signing of these transformative bills.

Stepping Forward with Firm Hooves

Governor Mbah’s legislative actions mark a profound leap towards economic stability and social peace in Enugu State. By addressing the root causes of farmer-herder conflicts and enhancing property security, Enugu is poised to become a beacon of progress in Nigeria. This bold move, embedded in modern governance principles, underscores the governor’s vision for a “civilized” and prosperous Enugu.

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