Fake “Roman Catholic Church” at Ibagwa Nike, Enugu Exposed


The Diocesan Catholic Secretariat in Enugu has issued a warning regarding a fake “Roman Catholic Church” operating in Ibagwa Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria. The group, known as the Old Roman Catholic Church (ORCC), the Roman Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII, the Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales, and the Catholic Diocese of Niger Delta, claims to be in communion with the Universal Catholic Church led by Pope Francis. However, investigations have revealed that the group is not recognized by the Universal Catholic Church.

The group, operating under the name “Precious Blood of Jesus Adoration Ministry (PBJAM),” performs religious activities that mimic those of the Latin Catholic Church, including Sunday “masses,” “exposition of their host with monstrance,” “Wednesday adoration,” “gethsemane night,” “divine mercy prayers,” and “chapel of perpetual adoration.” They also use vestments with a Roman Catholic outlook and have a facility called the Pope John Paul II charity foundation. However, their leader is not part of the Apostolic Succession.

In a statement, the Diocese of Enugu, led by Most Rev. Callistus V. C. Onaga, has dissociated itself from the activities of the fake “Roman Catholic group” and has warned the faithful to be wary of them. The Diocese emphasizes that to be in communion with the Universal Catholic Church, a Christian must be joined with Christ in the Church’s visible structure by the bonds of the profession of faith, the celebration of the sacraments, and by ecclesiastical governance.

The Diocese urges all Catholics and the general public to be vigilant and not to be lured by the claims, promises, simulations, and religious enticements of the fake “Roman Catholic Church” at Ibagwa Nike. They pray for the day when the group will return to their original fold, so that all may be one flock and one shepherd, as Christ prayed for (Jn 10:16).

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