How Many Cheeks Are Left? Close to 200 Christians Killed in Kano, Nigeria.



Close to 200 Christians were killed in Kano, Nigeria, and they are expected to turn the other cheek.

Since 1965, when violence in Nigeria escalated, the victims of these tragedies have often been Christians and Igbos, whether due to religious or tribal reasons. However, the problem extends beyond identification of the attackers, as these days they are referred to as unknown gunmen, bandits, or terrorists, with the authorities failing to apprehend the masterminds behind the attacks.

On Christmas Eve, 17-20 Christian-dominated communities were attacked, resulting in close to 200 deaths, 221 burnt houses, and over 35 burnt vehicles and motorcycles in the Bokkos and Barkin Ladi local government areas of Plateau State. The attacks began on Saturday and continued into the early hours of Monday.

According to a feature on Cable News, an army general who visited the communities described the attacks as the work of devils, who is to be held accountable for these killings? The devil? The guy in hell? Why can’t these attackers be identified? Hiding them will only empower them. How can an attack of such duration and impact remain so poorly understood? What is the security department of this country doing?

According to the same post on Cable News’ website, some victims who survived know their attackers. Why is it taking so long to apprehend these individuals? Terrorism is an act against the state directly, and one of the major functions of the government is to protect the lives and property of its people. What happens if it consistently fails to do so?

It is only right for the people to act for themselves. This is not the first time; today it’s Kano in the headlines, tomorrow it will be another state. Christians can’t fight back; in fact, when they are slapped, they are obligated to turn the other cheek. It’s also remarkable; when the people can’t own arms to defend themselves as it against the law; they just have to accept death alongside poverty and hardship.

As the world pretends like it was water under the bridge, it’s highly possible there are people in government aiding our attackers, there are people who make money from all these violence. I am almost certain that if you follow the money, you will find the source. Maybe the police don’t know that, but it’s high time we decided the kind of country we want because I am sure nobody likes it here.”

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