How to Upcycle Plastic Bags into Plarn Crafts


Plastic bags, often seen as a nuisance in our, can be transformed into something beautiful and useful through a process called plarning (Plastic Bag Yarn). Plarning involves turning plastic bags into a type of yarn that can be used for various crafts, including crocheting or knitting items like bags, mats, and even clothing. This innovative technique not only reduces waste but also promotes creativity and sustainability. In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple steps of creating plarn and using it for your own eco-friendly projects.

Step 1: Collect and Prepare Your Plastic Bags

Gather a collection of clean plastic bags. The number of bags you’ll need depends on the size of your project. Flatten the bags and fold them neatly.

Step 2: Cut the Bags into Strips

Cut off the handles and bottom seam of each bag. Then, cut the remaining bag into strips about 1-2 inches wide. The strips can be connected together by knotting them or using a heat-sealing method for a smoother finish.

Step 3: Create the Plarn

Take one plastic strip and stretch it gently to elongate it. This will help it curl into a cord-like shape. Repeat this process with all your strips.

Step 4: Roll the Plarn into a Ball

Once you have created enough plarn, roll it into a ball. This will make it easier to work with when crocheting or knitting.

Step 5: Crochet or Knit Your Project

Use your plarn as you would use regular yarn to crochet or knit your desired item. You can make anything from bags and mats to clothing and accessories. The possibilities are endless!

Step 6: Enjoy Your Eco-Friendly Creation

Once you have completed your plarn project, enjoy using it knowing that you have contributed to reducing plastic waste in our environment.


Plarning is a fun and creative way to upcycle plastic bags into something new and useful. By following these simple steps, you can turn plastic bags into beautiful and eco-friendly crafts. So, the next time you have some plastic bags lying around, don’t throw them away—turn them into plarn and let your creativity shine!


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