Kano Royal Rumble: Court Awards N10 Million Damages Amid Kano Throne Tussle


Kano Royal Rumble continues as Court orders N10 million compensation for Bayero, upholding his rights amid the power struggle with Sanusi for the Kano throne, escalating the ongoing royal conflict.

The dramatic saga of Kano’s royal throne continues to unfold, bringing new twists and legal battles to the forefront. Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, recently reinstated as the 16th Emir of Kano, has openly addressed the ongoing turmoil, attributing the unrest to the pain felt by those who benefited from the previous system. “Now when they lose it, it’s a problem,” Sanusi remarked, highlighting the complexities of the power struggle between him and the deposed Emir, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero.

Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s decision to reinstate Sanusi sparked a fierce response from Bayero, who immediately contested his dethronement in court. The situation escalated when Bayero returned to the Nasarawa mini-palace amid protests and was subsequently ordered to be arrested by the governor. Bayero has challenged the legality of his dethronement and the governor’s actions, seeking judicial intervention.

In a recent development, a Federal High Court in Kano ordered the Kano State Government to pay N10 million in damages to Bayero for breaching his fundamental rights. Justice Simon Amobeda emphasized the constitutional protections of personal liberty and freedom of movement, condemning the actions of the state government and security forces that led to Bayero’s house arrest and harassment.

Sanusi, reflecting on the roots of the conflict, stated,

“The problem is not what has happened today. It is what happened four years ago. If it had not been done, we would not be in this situation today.”

He lamented the division sown within the royal family and the state, pointing out the challenges of reversing a system that had been in place for years.

Justice Amobeda upheld the court’s jurisdiction to hear Bayero’s case, stressing the importance of protecting citizens’ rights against unlawful actions. The ruling underscored that the threats and restrictions imposed on Bayero violated his fundamental rights as guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution.

As the royal tussle continues, the court’s decision to award damages and uphold Bayero’s rights marks a significant victory in his legal battle. However, the larger conflict over the Kano throne remains unresolved, with both sides entrenched in their positions.

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