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Lagos Workers Living Large with ₦70k Minimum Wage since January!


In a move signaling a commitment to workers’ welfare, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced that employees in the state have been enjoying an additional ₦35,000 wage allowance since the start of the year. This increase effectively doubles the minimum wage for many workers, raising the lowest salary from ₦35,000 to a substantial ₦70,000.

Governor Sanwo-Olu, speaking during a press briefing, emphasized his administration’s dedication to enhancing the welfare of public servants amidst prevailing economic challenges. “The civil servant and all public officers in Lagos know that since January, we have continued to pay the wage allowance of a minimum of ₦35,000 over and above what they were earning before,” the Governor stated.

This increase reflects the government’s commitment to supporting its workforce during challenging times. Furthermore, the Governor unveiled plans to introduce a new minimum wage scheme soon, promising further benefits for the state’s public sector workers.

The announcement was part of a broader discussion on measures the Lagos State Government is taking to alleviate economic hardship for its citizens. Among these initiatives is the distribution of food items to 500,000 households across the state, addressing residents’ immediate food security challenges.

Governor Sanwo-Olu also highlighted the ‘Ounje Eko’ initiative, established to combat rising food prices by offering discounted food items. “We created 59 makeshift markets outside of the regular markets out of our 57 local government and local council development areas and made it Sunday-Sunday market,” he explained.

This initiative aims to make affordable food available every day of the week in easily accessible locations, aligning with the state’s commitment to progress and authentic care for its residents. Lagos, a hub of diversity and progress, continues to pave the way for positive change, setting an example for the nation.


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