Massacre Unfolds in Nimbo, Enugu State


Massacre in Nimbo” comes days after Adani, Uzo-Uwani, an unforeseen massacre that claimed numerous lives and left a scar on the hearts of many in the early hours of a seemingly ordinary day.

IGBO History & Facts, a platform dedicated to sharing Igbo stories with the world, has reported a devastating massacre in Nimbo, Enugu State. The incident, allegedly perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen, has resulted in the senseless killing of men and women. Urging vigilance, the platform advises people in the area to stay safe and find ways to raise awareness for local and state authorities.

The tweet below underscores the gravity of the situation:

(There’s ongoing massacre in Nimbo. Ugwujoro Nimbo is in Enugu state. Fulani herdsmen are behind it, killing men and women unprovoked. Retweet to create awareness.)

IGBO History & Facts

We are closely monitoring online reports and reputable news outlets for updates on this tragic event. Stay tuned for the latest information. #NimboMassacre

Call to Action: In solidarity with the people of Nimbo, we urge everyone to share this news and raise awareness about the ongoing massacre. Together, let us demand justice and support those affected by this tragedy.


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