Multichoice Nigeria Announces Second Price Hike in Five Months for DStv and GOtv Packages


Multichoice Nigeria, the operator of DStv and GOtv, has announced a second increase in subscription rates for its packages within a five-month period. The new tariff hike, set to take effect from Wednesday, May 1, 2024, was communicated to customers via email on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

According to Multichoice Nigeria, the decision to raise prices was necessitated by a “rise in the cost of business operations.” Despite acknowledging the potential impact on its valued customers, Multichoice reaffirmed its commitment to providing top-quality entertainment and viewing experiences.

The updated prices for DStv packages are as follows:

  • Premium: N37,000
  • Compact Plus: N25,000
  • Compact: N15,700
  • Confam: N9,300
  • Yanga: N5,100
  • Padi: N3,600
  • HDPVR Access Service: N5,000
  • Access Fees: N5,000
  • XtraView: N5,000

For GOtv packages, the new prices are:

  • Supa+: N15,700
  • Supa: N9,600
  • Max: N7,200
  • Jolli: N4,850
  • Jinja: N3,300
  • Smallie: N1,575

This recent price adjustment comes just five months after Multichoice’s last price increase in December 2023, which saw subscription rates go up by approximately 20 percent. Despite the successive hikes, Multichoice reiterated its commitment to delivering high-quality content and unmatched service to its customers.

The news of the price increase has elicited mixed reactions from subscribers, with some expressing disappointment over the frequent hikes, while others have voiced understanding of the company’s need to cover rising operational costs. As the new prices come into effect, many customers are evaluating their subscription options, weighing the value of the service against the increased cost.


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