Muslim Man Allegedly Poisons Christian Mother in Uganda


In a shocking incident in eastern Uganda, a Muslim man is suspected of killing his mother by putting pesticide in her food. The motive behind this tragic act is believed to be his mother’s conversion to Christianity, a decision that apparently did not sit well with him.

Sulaina Nabirye, a 50-year-old resident of Kamuli District, embraced Christianity on February 10. Her 31-year-old son, Arajabu Mukiibi, who was studying to become an imam, reportedly pressured her to abandon her new faith and return to Islam. When she refused, he allegedly threatened her and stopped visiting her.

The situation escalated during Ramadan, with Mukiibi reportedly visiting his mother on April 9 under the pretense of having dinner together. Shortly after eating the food he brought, Nabirye started vomiting and experiencing diarrhea. Despite efforts to save her, she passed away that night.

Tests revealed that the food contained Methanol, a toxic alcohol used in industrial solvents and pesticides. Mukiibi did not offer any help or support during his mother’s illness, further raising suspicions of his involvement.

This tragic incident is not just a personal tragedy but also reflects a broader issue of religious persecution. It serves as a grim reminder of the risks faced by individuals who choose to leave Islam, even within their own families.

Call to Action:

For those moved to help persecuted Christians, several aid agencies offer support and resources. Here are some organizations you can contact to contribute to their cause:

1. Alliance Defending Freedom

   – Contact: Tel: 0800 197 3435

2. AVC – Switzerland

– Contact: Tel. +41 (0)32 356 00 80

3. Christian Aid Mission

   – Contact: Phone: (434) 977-5650

4. Christian Solidarity International USA

   – Contact: 805-777-7107

5. Release International

   – Contact: Tel.: (44) 01689 823491

6. The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

   – Contact: Tel: 905-670-9721

These organizations work tirelessly to support persecuted Christians around the world. Your contribution can make a difference in their lives and help raise awareness about religious freedom and human rights.

Let us stand together in solidarity with those who face persecution for their faith, offering them hope, support, and a voice in their time of need.


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