N615k Minimum Wage: NLC Won’t Let FG Settle for Less


N615k Minimum Wage: A Bold Stand for Nigerian Workers’ Rights and Dignity. Learn how the Nigeria Labour Congress is championing a fair wage increase amidst economic challenges.

The Federal Government has approved a salary increase ranging from 25% to 35% across various salary structures, including public service, research institutions, police, and armed forces. However, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is pushing for a higher minimum wage of N615,000 based on a detailed study of the cost of living for an average Nigerian family. They argue that any figure below this amount would be a starvation wage, especially considering recent economic challenges like increased electricity tariffs and petrol scarcity.

The NLC conducted independent research through questionnaires sent to state councils and local government areas, focusing on the basic needs of a family with both parents and four children. Despite inflation hitting 33.2% in March, the NLC stands firm on its demand for a substantial wage increase to alleviate the suffering of workers and their families.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) emphasized the need for a sustainable minimum wage and assured their commitment to an improved wage. However, the final decision rests with the tripartite committee comprising government, labour, and private sector representatives, which has yet to reach a consensus.

In response to these developments, workers in different states are urging their governors to prioritize their welfare, with some governors already promising to implement the new minimum wage once it’s passed into law. The negotiation process is ongoing, with both sides hoping for a fair and equitable resolution amidst Nigeria’s challenging economic environment.


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