Nigerian Female Engineer Innovates Smart Bra to Detect Breast Cancer


Nigerian engineer Kemisola Bolarinwa is making waves with her groundbreaking invention: a smart bra designed to detect early-stage breast cancer. Bolarinwa, a robotics and embedded systems engineer, is the founder and CEO of Nextwear Technologies, Nigeria’s first wearable technology startup. Her innovative bra could revolutionize breast cancer detection and save countless lives.

The Inspiration Behind the Invention

Bolarinwa’s motivation to create the smart bra stemmed from a personal tragedy. The death of her aunt in 2017 due to breast cancer deeply affected her and sparked a desire to make a difference in the fight against this disease. Before her aunt’s passing, Bolarinwa had little awareness of breast cancer, viewing it as a distant issue. However, witnessing her aunt’s struggle firsthand ignited a passion within her to create a solution.

How the Smart Bra Works

The smart bra utilizes ultrasound technology in a novel way to detect lumps in the breast. By repurposing ultrasound technology into a compact, wearable device, Bolarinwa has made early detection more accessible and convenient. This technology, made possible through nanotechnology, shrinks down an ultrasound machine into a portable size that can be comfortably worn as a bra.

The bra incorporates a Doppler ultrasound system, which emits high-frequency sound waves to detect abnormalities such as blood clots, heart defects, and blocked arteries. Unlike traditional ultrasound machines that create images of the scanned area, the smart bra focuses on detecting potential cancerous growths in their early stages.

Challenges and Future Outlook

Despite the significant progress made, Bolarinwa acknowledges that there is still much work to be done before the smart bra can be mass-produced and commercialized. Extensive clinical trials and further development are necessary to ensure the bra’s effectiveness and safety.

Bolarinwa is also a vocal advocate for encouraging more women to pursue careers in STEM fields. Her passion for STEM education stems from her own experiences growing up and realizing the importance of diversity in these fields.

To conclude, Kemisola Bolarinwa’s smart bra represents a remarkable advancement in the field of healthcare technology. Her innovation has the potential to revolutionize breast cancer detection, demonstrating the powerful impact of combining technology with a drive to make a positive difference in the world

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