NLC Calls Government’s Bluff: No More Late-Night Meetings!


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has accused the Federal Government of employing divide-and-rule tactics and intimidation to undermine the union. NLC President, Joe Ajaero, revealed that the two-day protest was called off due to threats and intimidation from the government.

Ajaero expressed concern over the militarization of NLC headquarters and state offices nationwide, stating that members of the congress will not be intimidated. He vowed that the NLC leadership would not attend any night meetings called by the government ahead of nationwide mass actions, describing such tactics as a strategy to thwart their efforts.

He criticized the government for inviting all unions in the country to meetings with the NLC leadership, stating that this was an attempt to undermine their authority. Ajaero also condemned the government’s breach of agreements and laws, citing the non-functioning of the Port Harcourt refinery as an example.

Going forward, Ajaero stated that the NLC would no longer attend meetings on the eve of any action, describing such meetings as a waste of time and energy. He called on the government to adopt new strategies and stop using obsolete tactics to delay and demobilize protesters

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