Obi-Wan Denies the Dark Allegations: Peter Obi Counters Accusations of Bribing TV Presenter Rufai Oseni

Peter Obi's Jedi Diplomacy in Taming Niger's Tempest


Peter Obi Responds to Allegations of Bribing Mr. Rufai Oseni: Setting the Record Straight

In the wake of recent allegations circulating on social media, Peter Obi, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, has stepped forward to address the accusations leveled against him regarding Mr. Rufai Oseni, a well-regarded television presenter. These allegations implied that Obi had provided financial assistance for the burial of Oseni’s father in an alleged attempt to manipulate media coverage in his favor. However, Obi has taken to Twitter to vehemently reject these claims and to offer his own perspective on the situation.

Peter Obi Responds to Allegations of Bribing Mr. Rufai Oseni:

“Ordinarily, I do not get involved in name-calling and mud-slinging. Neither do I attack people nor try to defame their personalities in the course of my political journey,” Obi’s tweet began. “I have also avoided replying to cheap, wicked, or malicious blackmail publicly or privately in the same irresponsible manner that they are thrown at me.”

Addressing the core principles that guide his actions, Obi emphasized his unwavering commitment to addressing pertinent issues and working toward finding effective solutions for societal challenges. “Anyone who has followed my corporate and political life knows that I always stay on issues, with my focus on finding solutions to societal challenges and ameliorating the suffering of the people.”

The allegations concerning Mr. Rufai Oseni took center stage in Obi’s response. “Let me clearly state that this is a categorical lie. It is not true, cannot be true and will never be true,” Obi affirmed. He proceeded to clarify that he does not engage in the practice of providing financial incentives to journalists or media personalities in exchange for favorable coverage. Additionally, Obi highlighted that his attendance at events such as birthdays and funerals is a common practice and not indicative of any ulterior motives.

“I have never and will never monetarily induce any journalist to speak or write in my favor. When I am invited to birthday celebrations or funerals, people know that I do attend,” Obi stated. He emphasized that such attendance is driven by his genuine empathy and desire to show support during times of grief.

Turning his attention to Mr. Rufai Oseni, Obi pointed out, “I have never been to Rufai’s village. Even at the point of writing this, I do not know where he is from.” This observation further underscored the apparent lack of personal connection between Obi and Oseni, adding doubt to the bribery allegations.

Concluding his series of tweets, Obi extended a message of unity and called for a focus on addressing the pressing challenges that Nigeria faces. “To those involved in such evil endeavors, I wish them well and pray that God will have mercy on them,” Obi stated. “I still maintain that our focus in Nigeria should be on rescuing our dear Nation from the many challenges plaguing it.”

In providing this comprehensive response, Peter Obi reaffirmed his dedication to improving the lives of Nigerians and his unwavering commitment to forging an inclusive and sustainable future for the nation. As these events continue to unfold, the nation remains vigilant in its pursuit of progress and solutions to the critical challenges that lie ahead.

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