President Tinubu Appoints 36-Year-Old Uzoma Nwagba as CEO


President Bola Tinubu has appointed 36-year-old Uzoma Nwagba as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Consumer Credit Corporation. This appointment marks a significant step in aligning qualifications with responsibilities, setting a commendable precedent for youth inclusion in key positions.

Uzoma Nwagba’s credentials speak volumes about his readiness for this role. With a Master’s of Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a first-class Bachelor’s of Engineering from Howard University, Washington DC, he brings a blend of academic excellence and practical experience to the table. Prior to his appointment, Nwagba served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Bank of Industry, overseeing micro-credit and other financial interventions, showcasing his dedication to advancing financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

This appointment is not just about age but also about competence and vision. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow.” Investing in young, capable leaders like Uzoma Nwagba is an investment in the future. It provides an opportunity for fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a deep understanding of modern challenges. Youth empowerment in leadership positions is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that the decisions made today are reflective of the needs and aspirations of future generations. Secondly, it promotes inclusivity and diversity in governance, fostering a more representative and equitable society. Lastly, it inspires other young individuals to aspire for leadership roles, creating a positive cycle of empowerment and development.

To be in such a position, one must strive for excellence in education and professional development, as exemplified by Nwagba. Additionally, cultivating a growth ideology for the nation, whether within Africa or beyond, is essential. This involves a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and the pursuit of solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Therefore, President Tinubu’s appointment of Uzoma Nwagba is not just a welcome development, but a strategic move towards harnessing the potential of youth for national development. It is a call to action for young individuals to aspire for positions of power, not for personal gain, but to make meaningful contributions towards building a better tomorrow for all.


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