Sahel Shift: Africa Turns to Moscow for Security


Sahel Shift: African nations, including Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Chad, are asserting independence from former colonial powers, notably France, and turning to Moscow for security partnerships. This shift reflects a broader trend towards self-reliance and sovereignty in shaping the region’s security landscape, amidst challenges and changes in counterterrorism efforts and regional stability.

One significant development in this shift is the increasing reliance on Russia as a new security partner. African countries are progressively turning to Moscow for military support and training, indicating a growing trend of seeking partnerships that prioritize African interests and development.

The withdrawal of Western forces, including American troops, following military coups in the region has raised questions about the future of counterterrorism efforts and regional stability. Despite these challenges, African nations are taking proactive steps to address security concerns, including seeking assistance from Russian military trainers and utilizing Russian equipment to enhance their security capabilities.

This shift highlights Africa’s determination to pursue self-reliance and sovereignty in shaping its security landscape. By forging partnerships that prioritize African interests, these nations are striving to address regional challenges and build a more secure and stable Sahel region.

The Sahel shift towards Moscow underscores Africa’s commitment to authenticity, progress, and the pursuit of change. It reflects a new era where African nations are taking control of their own destiny, asserting their independence, and reshaping their security agenda in the Sahel and beyond.


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