SEEDUCON 2024: Transforming Education in the Southeast


Education is the bedrock of any society’s progress, and in the Southeast region of Nigeria, the future hinges on the quality of education its citizens receive. This is why SEEDUCON, the Southeast Education Transformation Conference, is such a crucial event. Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, which emphasizes inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all, SEEDUCON aims to revolutionize education in the Southeast.

The conference seeks to move away from traditional teaching methods towards more innovative and dynamic approaches. It views classrooms as incubators of the future, where teachers and learners embrace changes that are dynamic and diverse. The goal is to transform the educational landscape by addressing challenges and opportunities presented by technology, with a focus on inclusive and equitable development, AI, digital accessibility, and personalization of learning experiences.

One of the key outcomes of SEEDUCON will be the development of a blueprint to support the Southeast Education Sector in producing students equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for high productivity and innovation. This blueprint will be supported by the establishment of a think tank committee dedicated to enacting its strategies.

The conference will tackle a range of topics, including transformative education, the use of ICT tools in pedagogy, building 21st-century schools, school leadership and governance, teacher development, curricular reform, quality assurance, innovative education, financing, engaging parents and communities, Igbo cultural values, and entrepreneurship and employability.

SEEDUCON aims to foster collaboration and partnerships among education stakeholders by facilitating networking opportunities, hosting collaborative workshops and panels, showcasing successful partnerships, and providing matchmaking services and resource-sharing platforms. Its success will be measured by the implementation of its blueprint and key metrics such as increased student achievement, enhanced workforce readiness, industry partnerships, and innovation outputs.

Individuals and organizations can contribute to SEEDUCON by attending the conference, submitting proposals for presentations, sponsoring the event, exhibiting relevant products or services, volunteering, promoting the conference, and providing feedback. By participating actively, they can contribute to the exchange of ideas, networking opportunities, and collaborative efforts aimed at improving the Southeast education sector.

SEEDUCON is not just a conference; it’s a movement towards transforming education in the Southeast. With its innovative approach and collaborative spirit, it has the potential to reshape the educational landscape and empower the next generation of leaders and innovators in the region.


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