The African Union 6th Mid-Year Coordination: AU’s Bold Blueprint for a 21st Century African Education


The African Union 6th Mid-Year Coordination

As the sands of time shift, so too does the landscape of education in Africa. From July 18-21, 2024, the bustling city of Accra, Ghana, will host a pivotal event, the African Union’s 6th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting. The gathering promises to be more than a mere assembly; it’s a herald of transformative progress and relentless pursuit of change.

Setting the Stage for Transformation

The meeting, themed “Educate an African Fit for the 21st Century: Building Resilient Education Systems for Increased Access to Inclusive, Lifelong, Quality, and Relevant Learning in Africa,” aims to create a robust foundation for educational advancements across the continent. This theme encapsulates the AU’s vision of an Africa where education isn’t just a luxury but a fundamental right accessible to all, irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds.

A Rendezvous of Minds and Mechanisms

The event will see a convergence of Regional Economic Communities, Regional Mechanisms, and AU member states, all under one roof. It kicks off with the 45th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council on July 18-19, setting the stage for the grand Mid-Year Coordination Meeting on July 21. These sessions are more than administrative formalities; they are critical dialogues designed to foster collaboration and innovation across diverse African regions.

Register to Witness History in the Making

Journalists and media personnel are invited to register online to cover this landmark event. The AU’s Information and Communication Directorate (ICD) has made it convenient for the press to participate physically or virtually, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility. 

Registration Link: [6th MYCM Media Accreditation]

The Voice of Authority

For interviews and in-depth information, media representatives can reach out to:

  • – Mrs. Esther Tankou, Head of Information Division: | +251 115 517 700
  • – Mr. Molalet Tsedeke, Media Center Coordinator: | +251 911 630 631 (Tel/WhatsApp)

Why This Matters

“Right Steps Today, Better Africa Tomorrow.” This slogan isn’t just a tagline; it’s a clarion call to action. The decisions and strategies formulated during this meeting will ripple across the continent, shaping the future of millions of young Africans. As BlaccTheddi Post, we echo the sentiment that a well-educated populace is the cornerstone of a thriving, self-reliant Africa.

In the words of BlaccTheddi, “Security of the people should be the top priority for the government.” This security is multifaceted, encompassing not just physical safety but also economic stability and intellectual empowerment. The #GetITRight project, with its focus on sustainable economic and social growth, aligns perfectly with the AU’s educational objectives.

A Call to Action

As we document and disseminate the outcomes of this significant meeting, let us remember that every step towards educational reform is a step towards a better future. It’s about empowering African youth with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate and excel in the 21st century.

For detailed agendas and program updates, stay tuned to the AU website. Join us in witnessing a defining moment in Africa’s educational journey, and be part of the narrative that’s shaping a brighter, more resilient continent.


– “Right Steps Today, Better Africa Tomorrow.” #GetITRight project slogan.

– Queen Ifeh’s advocacy for prioritizing people’s security.

BlaccTheddi Post continues to filter the noise, bringing you the stories that matter, wrapped in authenticity and the relentless pursuit of change.


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