The Get It Right project 2024/2025


The Get It Right project is a transformative initiative set in motion by BlaccTheddi and championed by Tomorrow People Ambassador Queen Ifeh. This project aims to create sustainable change for Africa’s youths and children by establishing a strong foundation for children, providing training for teenagers, and generating job opportunities through a youth-led economic system.

With a mission to empower and nurture the potential of the younger generation, “Get It Right” addresses key challenges by focusing on empowerment, education, employment, and welfare. The project emphasizes community engagement, collaboration, innovation, and sustainability to ensure lasting impact. As part of its goals, the project aims to have a functioning administrative sector of the economic system with 5 million naira in state capital by the end of the year.

BlaccTheddi Post will provide continuous updates on every development of this initiative, sharing each step of the journey towards building a brighter future.

Join us on this journey to Get It Right for our future and tomorrow’s people.

The Process of Getting it Right

One year after the endorsement of the Office of Tomorrow People and the Ambassador at the inaugural Ruth8 dinner night in 2021, we are now focused on sustainable and tangible ways to bring about direct change by providing welfare and security for today’s youth and children. I, Blacc Theddi, proposed the “GET IT RIGHT” project as a means to lay a strong foundation for children, offer training for teenagers, and create jobs for youths through a youth-run economic system designed for this purpose.

Last year, we reached out to many of you for your opinions and suggestions. Along the way, we met wonderful, brilliant youths eager to get it right. Through our social media and blog posts, we highlighted the potential problems such a system could solve. Based on your responses, we fine-tuned the project and are now ready to set it in motion.

As we move into the second stage of the #GetItRight project, which involves getting the movement in motion, I urge you to join us so that together we can begin to get it right for our future and for tomorrow’s people. But before we move forward, here are some key points about the project:

  • Initiated for Tomorrow People: A measure to create a better environment for African children to grow and develop.
  • Commissioned under Queen Ifeh: The Tomorrow People Ambassador 2021/2024.

The Get It Right project aims to establish an economic center and system to:

  • Provide jobs for youths who want to work and earn.
  • Offer training and experience for teenagers.
  • Provide welfare and security for children.

To properly set this project in motion, it’s time to create a Round Table for the youths, starting with a team of young leaders who will drive this project forward. Join us in this journey to get it right for our future and for the future of tomorrow’s people.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work towards our mission of Getting It Right! (Last Updated: [Jan 23 2023])


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