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Tiwa Savage Makes Acting Debut in ‘Water & Garri


Tiwa Savage, renowned as the “Queen of Afrobeats,” has ventured into acting with her debut in the film “Water & Garri,” now available on Amazon Prime. The movie centers around Aisha, played by Tiwa Savage, a driven fashion designer who returns to Nigeria after a decade abroad. Despite her success in music, Tiwa Savage has long harbored a passion for acting, recognizing its challenges, including the need to embody a character for extended periods.

In addition to her acting role, Tiwa Savage served as an executive producer for the film, involving herself deeply in the editing process. She watched over 200 edits before settling on the final version, a testament to her commitment to the project.

While the film is new, its inspiration stems from Tiwa Savage’s 2021 EP of the same name. Originally intended as a music video, the project evolved into a feature film due to its quality. Despite this shift, the EP’s music does not feature in the movie, as Tiwa Savage felt disconnected from it at the time. Instead, she recorded new songs during filming, completing the film’s score within a week.

The movie’s soundtrack features other Nigerian stars like Olamide and Ayra Starr, adding depth and authenticity to the film’s cultural representation. Beyond its music and visuals, the film’s core theme is nostalgia, particularly evoked by the simple yet meaningful combination of water and garri, a staple food in Nigeria.

“Water & Garri” marks a significant step in Tiwa Savage’s artistic journey, showcasing her authenticity, progress, and willingness to embrace new challenges. Her ability to seamlessly transition from music to acting reflects her versatility and commitment to her craft, making her a true icon in the entertainment industry.


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