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Unboxed Party Announces Dual Events in May


Unboxed Party, known for its dynamic and ever-evolving outdoor rave events, is gearing up to host two exciting parties in May. This unique move will bring the party series to both Awka and Abuja, offering party enthusiasts in both states an opportunity to immerse themselves in the celebrated Unboxed Party experience.

Following the success of the last edition, the Jersey Fest, which featured an exciting lineup of DJs and performers, including Rethro, Perky, Peejaay, Feelingx, Ozone, Zeil, Coby, Irish, Morefunds, and hypemen Nathan, Slymshady, Oro, Dollar Bigbam, Slanky Tornado, Skye, and Naki, among others, the May edition promises to deliver an electrifying atmosphere and exceptional entertainment.

In Abuja, the Unboxed Party will feature a special theme, “Greatest Game Night of All Time”, at the Multipurpose Hall, Veritas University, on 1st May. Early bird tickets are available for free and can be reserved Here. Tickets will be priced at 2000 at the venue.

As details of the performances and entertainment for the May events are yet to be revealed, party enthusiasts are encouraged to mark their calendars and stay tuned for more details on these upcoming events from Unboxed Party.


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