Unizik Student Allegedly Assaults Lodge President Over Cleaning Dispute


In a shocking incident at Twins Fall Lodge, Ifite-Unizik, a 200L student identified as Chioma reportedly attacked her lodge president, Mark, on Saturday morning, 17th February 2024. The altercation allegedly stemmed from a disagreement over cleaning duties within the lodge.

Eyewitnesses claim that Chioma poured hot water on Mark and stabbed him in the neck, resulting in him being rushed to the hospital for medical attention. The severity of Mark’s injuries is currently unknown.

One witness recounted the events, stating that Chioma’s room was locked during the sanitation exercise, a standard procedure for non-participants in the cleaning process. Upon unlocking her door after the sanitation, Chioma allegedly attacked Mark with the hot water she had prepared beforehand.

The whereabouts of Chioma are currently unclear, and there are calls for her expulsion from the university and removal from the lodge. Authorities have yet to comment on the incident.

Reactions from the Unizik Community

Members of the Unizik community have expressed shock and outrage at the incident, with many calling for Chioma’s immediate expulsion if the allegations are true.

BlaccTheddi Post will continue to follow this story as it unfolds, including updates on Mark’s condition, the whereabouts of Chioma, and any official statements from the university or law enforcement agencies.

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