Update on Godwin Chika’s Guinness World Record Attempt


In a surprising turn of events, Godwin Chika’s Guinness World Record attempt for the Longest Painting Marathon by an Individual faced a major setback. As reported on his Instagram, at 96 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds into the attempt, the time displayed stopped on its own. According to the official rules, once the time stops counting, it signifies the successful completion of the attempt. However, when the official tried to resume the timer, it restarted instead.

The technical glitch has led to the official end of the attempt, leaving Godwin and his team frustrated and seeking answers. Despite the setback, Godwin remains undeterred and determined to achieve his goal. He expressed gratitude for the support received thus far and announced his intention to restart the attempt.

Godwin reassured his followers that he is relentless, stronger than ever, and ready to resume the challenge. He plans to restart the attempt at 10 PM the following day, energized and determined to succeed. He requested support from his followers, asking for supplies to aid him in the renewed attempt.

The support and encouragement from fans and well-wishers have been instrumental in keeping Godwin motivated, and he is prepared to give his all to make his Guinness World Record dream a reality. Stay tuned for further updates on Godwin Chika’s journey as he continues his remarkable painting marathon.


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