📮African Stream’s Current: ECOWAS Chair Tinubu Under Fire for Favoring France


African Stream Accuses ECOWAS Chair Tinubu of Favoring France Over African Interests

African Stream, a pan-African digital media organization, has levied serious accusations against Nigerian President and current ECOWAS Chair, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In a scathing tweet, African Stream labeled Tinubu as the “Hypocrite-in-Chief of ECOWAS,” accusing him of prioritizing France over African interests.

When President Tinubu assumed the ECOWAS chairmanship, he spoke passionately about pursuing economic growth through collaboration within the West African regional bloc. He emphasized the need to warn against any “exploiters” seeking to hinder progress. But, according to African Stream’s critique, Tinubu’s actions have taken a different course during his leadership.

African Stream pointed to ECOWAS’ recent imposition of sanctions on Niger, which has strained the country’s already limited access to electricity, with 9 out of 10 people currently lacking proper power supply. This move raised eyebrows as it seemed to align with French interests, leading to accusations of favoritism towards the former colonial power.

Furthermore, the media organization highlighted Tinubu’s recent engagement with French President Emmanuel Macron, insinuating that such proximity may have influenced the ECOWAS bloc’s decisions, potentially compromising the organization’s commitment to safeguarding African interests.

African Stream positions itself as a pan-African platform providing a voice to Africans both at home and abroad, offering African-centric content and advocating for genuine African collaboration and development.

As the accusations gain attention and raise questions about the direction of ECOWAS under Tinubu’s leadership, further scrutiny and responses from relevant authorities are likely to follow. The allegations may also spark discussions on the importance of ensuring a balanced approach that places African interests at the forefront of regional decision-making.

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