A shot at happiness


The long & short story of feburay 25th election in Nigeria 

Many Contenders: A Battle for Leadership

As contenders stepped into the ring to fight for the people, each claimed their rightful place as the leader. The atmosphere was reminiscent of 1993, as a renewed sense of hope spread across the country. One man, embodying the Nigeria of their dreams, captured the attention of the nation. For the first time in a long while, youth interest in politics and state affairs reached new heights. The entire nation rallied behind him, organizing rallies and marches in support. Discussions about him became commonplace, from bar parlors to commercial buses, after church, and almost every gathering. Celebrities and influential figures voiced their support, some with ulterior motives, but many genuinely campaigned for a better Nigeria. The prevailing belief was that the ruling party’s selection signified a divine call for a new era.

A Dream Realized: An Igbo President Emerges

Finally, an educated and transparent Igbo president emerged, fulfilling a long-awaited dream. With his declaration of intention, people rallied behind him without hesitation, filling the gaps in political structure, funding, and mobilization. The campaign became a united team effort that transcended regions, tribes, and states. The people were confident that the outcome would be unanimous, as the central government assured them that no unknown elements would influence the voting process.

Challenges Amidst Anticipation: Cash Crisis and Confusion

While awaiting the voting day of February 25th, the expected stress was merely queuing under the scorching sun. However, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented a new policy, introducing withdrawal limits and attempting to circulate new currency amidst global economic challenges. Suddenly, citizens found themselves worried about cash for transportation and paying bills, as money became scarce within the system. Confusion prevailed, fueled by rumors suggesting government measures to combat vote buying or make people dependent on politicians. With cash shortages, people faced hardships, with reports of individuals collapsing at payment terminals and videos of customers running mad naked inside banks. Some businesses even closed due to a lack of buyers. Despite these difficulties, the people held onto the belief that electing the right leader would usher in a new Nigeria.

Persistence and Unfolding Drama: A Battle for Democracy

Undeterred by the challenges, the people persisted in their pursuit of happiness. A high-ranking official at the CBN engaged in a risky game of hide-and-seek with a significant government security outfit, a situation no sensible person would dare involve themselves in. The unfolding drama captured extensive media coverage, offering new angles and follow-up stories. Simultaneously, ongoing campaigns encouraged people to obtain their voter cards, while others utilized social media and personal visits to educate citizens about the voting process. The government invested significantly to ensure tamper-proof elections, solidifying its place in history as the most expensive democratic election in the region. Masses of people turned out to exercise their democratic right.

Disappointment and Uncertainty: An Election Unveils Heartbreak

The election unfolded like a silent movie, but the deafening results left the people disappointed and heartbroken. Doubts and questions surfaced: Did the votes not count? Were they miscounted? Where are the votes? Yet, hope lingered as the election results were challenged in court on various grounds. However, another drama unfolded, fueled by rumors and unverified claims, including a peculiar story of the Nigerian Lady Liberty traveling in a wheelchair. Some looked to the champions of democracy and the justice system for redress, but even with international observers and global media attention, no foul play was established by the champions. As of June 2023, the election results remained unchanged, with a new administration assuming power. While some champions of democracy remained silent, they participated in the inauguration, attempting to convey a sense of joyous occasion. Despite the initial excitement and hope for change, it seemed like another shot at happiness, reminiscent of 1993 but in a different era, exactly a generation ago.


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