Police Brilliance In Paris


Sparking Chaos and Unrest in France with Fatal Shooting

Areas in French towns plunged into chaos as protests turned violent after the fatal shooting of teenager Nahel Merzouk by the police. The confrontations, which started on June 27 in the Parisian suburb of Nanterre, quickly spread to other cities, including Paris.

The aftermath of the incident saw widespread destruction, confrontations, and failed curfews in several towns around the capital. Bus and tram services were shut down nationwide, exacerbating the situation. President Emmanuel Macron, in response to the escalating violence, urged parents to keep their teenagers at home, while his government explored all possible options to restore order.

With over 800 protesters arrested by June 29, public outrage continues to intensify. Merzouk’s death has become a focal point for expressing anger over racial inequality in France and allegations of police discrimination.

During the turmoil, buildings, cars, and debris were set ablaze, further fueling the unrest. President Macron held crisis talks amid concerns that the country could witness a repeat of the 2005 violence that led to a state of emergency.

Prime Minister Elisabeth, in a tweet, emphasized that the French government is considering “all alternatives” to restore order and condemned the violence as “intolerable and inexcusable.” In another statement to a reporter, she stressed the priority of ensuring national unity and restoring order as the way forward.


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