NYSC’s Allowee Delay

NYSC June Allowance Delay


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has taken steps to address the concerns expressed by corps contributors regarding the delay in receiving their monthly allowance for June 2023. The NYSC Management has acknowledged the issues faced by corps members and shed light on the underlying reasons causing the delay.

According to Eddy Megwa, the NYSC Director of Press and Public Relations, the delay in the payment of the June allowance can be attributed to the management of finances by various banks. Despite the Scheme’s completion of all necessary arrangements for the payment on June 27, 2023, the delay occurred due to the banks’ handling of the funds, resulting in a failure to promptly credit the corps members’ accounts.

To tackle this situation, the NYSC Management has been actively engaging with the banks to expedite the payment process, ensuring that corps contributors receive their June allowance without any further delay. They reassure corps members that their welfare remains a top priority, and every effort is being made to promptly resolve the issue.

In light of these developments, the NYSC spokesperson urges all corps members to remain calm and law-abiding during their service period. It is crucial for corps participants to continue fulfilling their national service obligations diligently, while the NYSC works towards resolving the delay in the payment of their allowances.

The NYSC remains fully committed to the well-being of corps members and will continue to prioritize their welfare. Regular updates on the progress made in resolving the delay will be communicated to corps members, ensuring transparency and keeping them informed of the ongoing efforts.


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    Just bcuz of 3 days delay …
    Make FG catch u

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