Anambra State Government Implements New Transport Rates to Combat Illegal Collection


Anambra State Government Introduces New Transport Sector Rates to Curb Illegal Collection

Anambra State, Nigeria – In a significant move to address long-standing challenges faced by transport operators and tackle the issue of illegal revenue collection, the government of Anambra State, led by Governor Charles Soludo, has introduced a revised rate structure for various modes of transportation within the state. This development, which took effect from July 14th, follows a series of consultative meetings with union representatives in Awka.

Transport operators in the state have long struggled with the burden of excessive payments to unauthorized collectors, significantly impacting their earnings and depriving the government of legitimate revenue. In response to these issues, the newly introduced rates aim to provide relief to operators while curbing the activities of “agberos,” informal revenue collectors.

Under the updated rate framework, operators in different transport sectors will experience adjusted payment structures. Motorbike taxi (Okada) operators will now pay a daily rate of N300, equivalent to N7,500 monthly. Alternatively, they can opt for discounted rates of N21,000 per quarter or N40,500 for a half-year, both of which include substantial savings.

Tricycle (Keke) riders will also see changes, with a daily fee of N600 translating to N15,000 monthly. Similar discounted options include N42,000 per quarter and N81,000 per half-year. Shuttle and bus operators will adhere to a daily charge of N1,000, N25,000 per month, N70,000 per quarter, or N135,000 for a half-year, all of which come with available discounts for extended payment periods.

Taxi operators will now contribute N700 daily or N17,500 monthly, with further options of N49,000 per quarter and N94,500 for a half-year. Township bus operators will face a daily payment of N1,200, N30,000 per month, N84,000 per quarter, or N162,000 for a half-year, also with corresponding discounts. Pick-up van operators will follow a daily fee of N1,000, N25,000 monthly, N70,000 per quarter, or N135,000 for a half-year, all with available discounts.

The Anambra State Government, in partnership with the transport unions, has implemented these changes to alleviate the financial strain on operators and eradicate the impact of illegal revenue collectors. Furthermore, the government has committed to allocating 5% of the total collections to the transport unions, ensuring that no additional levies burden the operators.

Richard Nwora Madiebo, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service, emphasized that all government revenue collection would be conducted digitally, with electronic receipts issued to ensure transparency. The enforcement of the new rates involves the use of electronic stickers with a quick response system, which is verified through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) to prevent fraudulent replication.

This proactive step by the Anambra State Government signifies a significant shift away from a history of unauthorized collections and seeks to establish a fair, accountable, and transparent revenue collection system that benefits both operators and the government. The new rates demonstrate the government’s commitment to supporting the transport sector while combating illegal activities that have hindered its growth and progress.

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