Gov Soludo announces free Education in Anambra


Free Education in Anambra– in a groundbreaking announcement, Governor Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo of Anambra State has unveiled a bold initiative to provide free education in public schools throughout the state. This initiative reflects his unwavering commitment to delivering inclusive education for all residents of the state.

The governor made this historic declaration during a special event held at Premier Primary School in Obosi. He emphasized that this policy encompasses all levels of education, spanning from Early Childhood Care and Development Education (ECCDE) to Junior Secondary Schools (JSS). Under this directive, school-age children within these educational stages will no longer bear the burden of school fees or any other associated expenses.

Governor Soludo articulated his vision, stating, “Henceforth, no child within this educational spectrum will be subject to any form of fees for their education in our state. We are dedicated to ensuring that children of school age are granted unhindered access to high-quality education. Furthermore, our commitment extends to the transformation of community schools into smart schools, aligning with our vision of imparting practical and sustainable knowledge.”

This momentous development means that, effective immediately, all schools owned and operated by the Anambra state government will be fee-free for students, ranging from Nursery and Primary 1 to JSS3. Governor Soludo has assured the public that the necessary mechanisms will be put in place to implement this directive effectively.

Additionally, he issued a stern warning, indicating that his administration would take a firm stance against any individual or institution that fails to comply with this landmark policy. The governor’s determination to make quality education accessible to all Anambra state residents is poised to shape the future of the state’s education system, fostering equal opportunities and a brighter tomorrow for its children. This is truly a momentous step towards a more equitable and educated Anambra.

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