CASAMERO SUITES: A Tranquil Oasis in Awka for Unforgettable Getaways and Exquisite Experiences


CASAMERO Suites 🏨🛌: Your Premier Choice for a Tranquil Haven in Awka, Anambra – Ideal for Intimate Gatherings and Serene Escapes from City Life

For those seeking a recommended haven in Awka, Casamero Suites and Lounge stands out as an ideal choice. Whether you’re planning a small get-together, seeking respite from the bustling life of Awka, or simply desiring a serene evening away from the city’s chaos, Casamero is the place to be.


Situated at 3/5 Anayo Ajator Street, Amikwo, near Kwata Slaughter and EZE UZU Gibson Nwaosu Junction, Udoka Estate Awka, this establishment is designed with privacy in mind. The moment you step in, a wave of relaxation and freshness envelops you, offering a perfect escape. The space is ample, providing enough parking, and the variety of rooms ensures a diverse experience.

Each lodging room is a testament to luxury, featuring king-size beds, water heaters, and easy accessibility to reception or the kitchen via intercom. Casamero Suites and Lounge take pride in maintaining high standards, making it an affordable and perfect choice for both couples and individuals.

Beyond the comfortable rooms, Casamero offers a range of services. The kitchen boasts professional chefs and assistants dedicated to satisfying your culinary desires. From croaker and catfish to turkey, chicken, pork, goat meat, suya, and more, the menu is extensive. The party section is another highlight, where they craft delectable pizzas, shawarmas, and other delights.

The kitchen is active round the clock, serving everything from English meals to local dishes. The fridge is stocked with a variety of beverages, including brandy, whiskey, vodka, and chilled beer. The outside bar complements the experience, providing a comfortable ambiance shielded from the sun’s rays and blessed with a constant, refreshing breeze. The green floor enhances the natural atmosphere.

Casamero Suites and Lounge excels not only in its physical amenities but also in management and hospitality services. Unlike establishments that compromise standards as they age, Casamero’s management maintains a consistent level of excellence. The staff, aligned with this commitment, strives to surpass expectations daily. It’s refreshing to find a place in Awka that upholds such high standards. In conclusion, for a tranquil getaway, a friendly gathering, or a delightful date in or around Awka, Casamero Suites and Lounge comes highly recommended.

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