AwkaLive: April in Review


April was a wonderful month in Awka, filled with exciting events and notable achievements. From the electrifying Unboxed Party to the groundbreaking Guinness World Record achievement by Godwin Chika, the city was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Despite challenges such as incidents of violence at Aroma Junction, the spirit of resilience and community strength shone through. Join us as we take a look back at the highlights of April in Awka.

The unboxed party

City Highlights

Unboxed Party’s Double Delight:

Unboxed Party, known for its dynamic outdoor rave events, is set to host two exciting parties in May, coming to both Awka and Abuja.

Nigeria – Rising artist WILL Drops New Single: Rising artist WILL has released a new single titled “Call Me,” already making waves with its infectious beats and catchy lyrics.

INSOMNIA Lights Up Awka:

The INSOMNIA event held at Wintess Garden Hotel and Suites on April 15th was a lively affair, adding to Awka’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Guinness World Record Achievement:

Godwin Chika has broken the Guinness World Record by painting for an astounding 200 hours, a remarkable feat soon to be published on the Guinness website.

Incidents of Violence at Aroma Junction:


Recent incidents of violence at Aroma Junction have shaken Awka, highlighting the ongoing challenges of insecurity in the area.


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