Discover “INSOMNIA”: Nights That Never Sleep


In the charmingly Little Big city, Awka, Anambra, the entertainment calendar buzzes with anticipation, especially as it rounds out the first quarter of the year. Amid the regular flurry of nighttime activities, “INSOMNIA” emerges. This fresh initiative from Parties By Mallam Tafa adds a new dimension to the monthly lineup of events, aiming to reshape the nightlife scene in Anambra and across Eastern Nigeria. More than just a gathering, “INSOMNIA” is a movement designed to intertwine dance, networking, and social engagement throughout the night.

A Peek into the Night

“INSOMNIA” is set to energize A-Town from 8 PM to 4 AM, challenging the conventions of typical nightlife events. It serves as a melting pot where the exuberance of Generation Z and Millennials converge in a symphony of music, dance, and the potential for forming lasting connections. While the details of the venue remain a secret zealously guarded by Mallam Tafa, anticipation mounts, priming the city for an unmatched experience.

Engagement Beyond the Beat

With its bold vision for the future, “INSOMNIA” distinguishes itself. Imagine an event where the pulsating dance floor is merely the beginning. Future editions are set to feature a diverse array of activities, from board games and card contests to video game tournaments and movie marathons, catering to a wide range of tastes and interests.

Fashion, Safety, and Community

The mantra “Dress to Oppress” encourages attendees to make every appearance unforgettable and every ensemble a vivid expression of individuality. Yet, the emphasis on fashion is matched by a steadfast commitment to safety. Through stringent security measures and health protocols, “INSOMNIA” pledges to offer not only a night of unparalleled entertainment but also a secure environment for everyone.

The heart of “INSOMNIA”

“INSOMNIA” aspires to be more than just an event; it seeks to act as a catalyst for community engagement, economic development, and cultural discovery. It presents a unique chance to experience Awka in a new light, in settings that celebrate safety, inclusivity, and the joy of authentic connections.

Join the Movement

Although the exact location of the event remains intriguingly undisclosed, the call to participate in this innovative event is loud and clear. For reservations and further details, the organizers extend an invitation to the curious and the courageous to connect via www.pado9ja.com or by directly calling 08167749349.

INSOMNIA” symbolizes the wonderful diverse & dynamic essence of Awka’s youth and affirms the city’s burgeoning role in Nigeria’s nightlife and entertainment industry. Be prepared to be part of an unforgettable journey.

Get ready for “INSOMNIA”.


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