Fulani Evangelist Musa Bello: Persecuted for His Faith


In a nation where religious tensions often run high, the story of Musa Bello stands out as a testament to unwavering faith and resilience. A 36-year-old Fulani evangelist, Musa Bello dared to dream of a Nigeria where Muslims freely embrace the Christian gospel through personal encounters with truth. His journey of faith, however, has been fraught with challenges and danger.

Musa Bello gained fame for his boldness in preaching in remote forests and converting those linked to violence, despite facing death threats. His efforts to spread the message of love and peace led to a brutal beating by Muslims on Feb. 7, landing him in an Abuja jail where he remains today.

The International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) has expressed concern that Pastor Bello could be killed while in custody or murdered by religious extremists. This fear is not unfounded, as illustrated by the tragic case of college student Deborah Emmanuel, who was killed in Sokoto in 2022 for her faith.

The circumstances surrounding Pastor Bello’s arrest are shrouded in controversy. While federal police allegedly arrested him on charges of armed robbery in Abuja, no official statement has confirmed this claim. His mentor, Rev. David Ayuba Azzaman, has raised concerns about the treatment of Pastor Bello, noting that he has been beaten by both the mob and the police.

Pastor Bello’s wife, Maryam, has also spoken out about her husband’s ordeal, revealing that he is in serious pain and giving up hope. She has called for Christians worldwide to come to her family’s aid, as she cannot bear the burden alone.

Despite facing persecution and threats to his life, Pastor Bello remains steadfast in his faith. Born and raised in Kaduna State, he converted from Islam to Christianity in 2008 and has since dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel. He is married to Maryam, and they have two daughters, Princess and Goodness.

As we reflect on Pastor Bello’s story, let us remember the sacrifices made by individuals like him who dare to stand up for their beliefs in the face of adversity. Let us pray for his safety and the safety of all those who face persecution for their faith.

Fulani Evangelist Musa Bello Released from Jail, Faces Health Challenges

In a recent turn of events, Musa Bello, the Fulani Christian evangelist who was jailed after preaching the Gospel in Nigeria, has been released. His wife, Maryam Musa, confirmed his release in an exclusive chat with TruthNigeria. However, Bello’s problems are far from over as he is in poor health due to the brutal treatment he endured while in custody.

Maryam Musa revealed that her husband was severely beaten by police officers from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, sustaining injuries to his back and bruises all over his body. Despite the ordeal, she expressed gratitude that he would be able to sleep in his own bed as a free man for the first time in over a week.

Bello’s arrest on February 7th came after his personal assistant, a Muslim man known as “Umar,” was allegedly beaten to death by a mob. When Bello went looking for his assistant, the same mob attempted to beat him to death. He was subsequently held for nine days without charges, with police citing suspicion of armed robbery.

Advocates hope that the trumped-up charges against Bello will be dropped now that he has been freed on bail pending further investigation. However, the emotional and physical toll of his ordeal remains a concern. Maryam Musa has called on Christians around the world to pray for her husband’s complete physical and emotional recovery.

The release of Musa Bello highlights the challenges faced by Nigerian Christians, who are the most persecuted body of believers in the Christian world according to Open Doors. The continued persecution of Christians in Nigeria is a troubling trend, with more than 80 percent of Christians killed worldwide being Nigerian, as reported by Open Doors.

As we celebrate Bello’s release, let us continue to pray for his healing, help, and fruitful ministry in the future. His story serves as a reminder of the courage and resilience of those who stand firm in their faith despite facing adversity.


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