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Maazị Ogbonnaya Okoro Makes History: The First Igbo Physics Textbook


Maazị Ogbonnaya Okoro, a Nigerian translator and educator, has achieved a remarkable feat by publishing the first-ever Igbo physics textbook. This groundbreaking work not only fills a significant gap in educational resources but also sets a precedent for the inclusion of African languages in STEM education.

With over 15 years of experience in teaching and researching Igbo language, literature, history, and culture, Okoro is a seasoned professional in his field. His dedication to promoting Igbo language and culture is evident in his extensive body of work, which includes 58 books approved by various Nigerian state Ministries of Education.

The release of this Igbo physics textbook marks a significant milestone in African education. It demonstrates that it is indeed possible to study complex scientific subjects in indigenous African languages, challenging the notion that certain languages are unsuitable for technical education. This achievement is not only a testament to Okoro’s expertise but also a catalyst for change in how STEM subjects are taught and learned across Africa.

By making physics accessible in Igbo, Okoro has opened the doors for other African languages to be used in scientific education. This groundbreaking work paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse approach to STEM education, empowering students to learn and excel in their native languages.

This pioneering work by Maazị Ogbonnaya Okoro is a testament to the power of language and education in driving social change. It serves as an inspiration for educators, students, and policymakers alike to embrace linguistic diversity in education and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered future for Africa.

Okoro’s Igbo physics textbook is currently available for purchase in Nigeria, priced at ₦9,500. To order a copy, interested individuals can contact Okoro via email at okoromarkogbonnaya@gmail.com.


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