Nicki Minaj Joins the Battle in Call of Duty as Playable Character


Nicki Minaj Shatters Boundaries as She Enters the Virtual Realm of Call of Duty

In an unprecedented move, renowned rapper Nicki Minaj has secured her spot in the virtual battlefield as a playable character in the world of “Call of Duty.” This groundbreaking feat marks her as not only the first female rapper but also the first female celebrity to be immortalized as a character in the iconic video game franchise.

Starting from Thursday (August 24), fans and gamers alike can delve into the action-packed realms of Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II with the exclusive Nicki Minaj Operator bundle. This distinctive package includes an exclusive loading screen featuring the artist herself, a head-turning “Nicki Whip” vehicle skin, and two formidable weapon blueprints named “The Baddest” and “Super Freaky,” as reported by Gamespot.

Nicki’s in-game persona comes complete with her signature head-to-toe pink ensemble, radiating her unmistakable style. Beyond her appearance, her character boasts two dynamic combat maneuvers designed to dominate opponents. One involves using her high heels to pounce on adversaries, while the other employs a powerful slamming technique that sends enemies crashing to the ground.

Fans have already caught a glimpse of Nicki’s in-game persona, with the artist sharing her excitement on social media: “Dear Barbz, Today we make history. History books will say that the HARAJUKU #BARBIE was the first female celebrity made into a character on @CallofDuty.” Nicki expressed her honor and joy at collaborating with the Call of Duty team, urging everyone to fully embrace this monumental moment in gaming.

This isn’t the first time Nicki Minaj has crossed paths with the gaming world. She had previously collaborated with Activision for the trailer of 2022’s Modern Warfare II. It’s also noteworthy that Nicki is part of a growing trend, as fellow rap artists like Snoop Dogg

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