Peter Obi Condemns Insecurity in Nigeria


📢 Peter Obi Condemns Escalating Insecurity and Urges Swift Action to Protect Innocent Lives

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the February 2023 election, took to Twitter to express his deep concern over the escalating insecurity in Nigeria, describing it as mindless bloodletting. Despite facing criticism from some Northerners for allegedly failing to condemn terrorism in the South East and being associated with IPOB, Obi used his Twitter platform to address the pressing issue.

In a series of tweets, Obi stated,

“The rising insecurity in the country leading to mindless bloodletting, particularly in the North Central zone of the country, and the continued disruption of business and social activities in the South East are all becoming very worrisome.”

he drew attention to the recent violent attacks in the North Central states of Benue and Plateau, which have witnessed a surge in kidnapping, arson, and loss of human lives. According to the 1st Quarter Mass Atrocities Casualty Tracking Report, over 1,230 Nigerians were killed, including 79 security operatives, with over 600 abductions recorded in the first quarter of this year alone.

The situation has been further exacerbated by the ongoing carnage in the North Central and Zamfara states. Obi expressed his deep concern, stating,

“It’s unacceptable that hundreds of innocent lives will continue to be wasted in Nigeria needlessly through communal clashes, bandits, and kidnapping activities.”

Turning his attention to the South East region, Obi highlighted the disruptions caused by the alleged Sit-at-Home directive, purportedly coming from IPOB. However, he clarified that the body has publicly denied issuing such a directive. Obi regarded the situation in the South East as a criminal activity that must be addressed promptly by security agencies and the people alike.

While commending the South East Governors for their renewed efforts in combating this menace, Obi stressed the need for a more strategic and intelligence-driven approach to reduce the suffering of innocent people.

Obi urged security agencies to take necessary and swift action to curb these incidents, emphasizing that the spilling of innocent citizens’ blood cannot be tolerated. He called on governments at all levels to prioritize addressing poverty and youth unemployment, as this plays a significant role in tackling insecurity. Obi stated,

“The provision of stomach infrastructure is the surer way to tackle insecurity.”

Furthermore, he urged critical stakeholders, including traditional, Christian, and Muslim leaders, to continue promoting peace among their people through their conduct. Obi emphasized that an insecure environment hampers development and discourages potential investors from considering the region.

In conclusion, Obi called for urgent measures to alleviate the hardship faced by the people, emphasizing the importance of valuing human lives and addressing the root causes of insecurity. As the nation grapples with these pressing challenges, Obi’s words shed light on the urgent need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to restore peace and security in Nigeria.

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