Holy War Zone: Allegations of Military Complicity in Plateau State Christian killings


Could the Nigerian Military be Enabling Violence in Plateau State?

Recent allegations by Rev Timothy Daluk, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) chairman of Mangu Local Government Area, Plateau State, have brought to light a disturbing possibility: the Nigerian military may be complicit in the violent attacks on Christians in the region. These accusations, if proven true, would have significant implications for the security situation in Plateau State and raise questions about the military’s role in the ongoing crisis.

In a video that surfaced on social media, Rev Timothy Daluk accused the military of supervising the displacement of Christians and the destruction of their properties. He claimed that the military turned a blind eye to attacks by Muslim militias on Christian-dominated areas and enforced curfews selectively, allowing Muslims to violate these measures with impunity. Furthermore, he alleged that the military was involved in the killing of youths, attributing these acts to “fake soldiers” initially, but later insisting that they were indeed genuine soldiers.

These accusations, if proven, would not be the first instance of the Nigerian military being implicated in such activities. Nigeria has a history of ethnic and religious tensions, particularly in regions like Plateau State, where clashes between Christian and Muslim communities have led to numerous casualties and widespread destruction. The military has been deployed in these areas to maintain peace and security, but there have been reports of human rights abuses and excessive use of force by security forces in the past.

The complex nature of the conflict in Plateau State, with its deep-rooted ethnic and religious divisions, makes it difficult to ascertain the veracity of these allegations. However, given Nigeria’s history of intercommunal violence and the challenges faced by its security forces in addressing such conflicts, it is not inconceivable that elements within the military could be involved in exacerbating the situation rather than resolving it.

It is crucial for the Nigerian government to investigate these allegations thoroughly and transparently. If there is any truth to Rev Timothy Daluk’s claims, it is imperative that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. Moreover, the government must take steps to ensure that the military’s presence in Plateau State is contributing to peace and stability rather than furthering the cycle of violence.

In conclusion, while the allegations against the Nigerian military are deeply troubling, they should be viewed in the context of Nigeria’s complex history of ethnic and religious conflict. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, it is essential for all stakeholders to work towards a lasting solution to the underlying causes of the violence in Plateau State, addressing the grievances of all communities and promoting reconciliation and peace.


Watch: Rev Timothy Daluk’s Shocking Allegations Against the Nigerian Military in Plateau State”

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